Why Costume Jewelry?

In the face of fine jewelry, why would one want to wear costume jewelry? For starters, it’s much cheaper and closely mimics fine jewelry in appearance. It’s also very fashionable and complements any outfit.

A bit of history

Costume jewelry was made for practical purposes to guard against theft. Back in the days, jewelry was largely precious and it was unsafe for women to wear them so openly (the same as today!). However, desiring jewelry for daily wear, people had replicas made so any loss was not felt so hard.

Today, costume jewelry is favored by most, even those who can afford fine jewelry. It’s no longer about wanting to protect investments but more about style. Costume jewelry can be very fashionable and ranges in design from vintage to modern and contemporary. It shows itself in many accessories too such as hair clips, belts, and ties. Such versatility means you can accessorize outfits any way you want.

Style tips for women

The list of costume jewelry for women is truly long. Women make up the largest percentage of the market so you’ll find everything from necklaces and rings to bracelets and earrings. Tiaras and brooches are a couple more.

There are countless ways to accessorize with costume jewelry. You could pair a chunky gold toned necklace with a loose fitting white top and skinny dark blue jeans. A formal affair can see you flaunt a nickel ring with a large zirconia and studded detail. Or, you could pick an eye-catching jewelry set in bright blue acrylic with gold tones.

These examples are just a few. There are many more you can try. The fact is, costume jewelry gives you the freedom to try different looks. The affordable cost also lets you build a collection of trinkets unlike with fine jewelry where you can afford just one or two items.

Style tips for men

Costume jewelry is as much for men as it is for women. You can find trendy yet masculine items such as bracelets, necklaces and rings along with accessories like studded caps and belts. How to accessorize depends entirely on you. What’s clear is that costume jewelry can be worn with just about anything. Chunky or beaded bracelets and a solid pendant can be teamed up with denims and a t-shirt. Sleek rings and cufflinks can be worn with formals. Whatever the occasion, you will find complementary items.

Popular plated metals

Costume jewelry is typically plated with certain non-precious metals like aluminum, nickel and pewter. They mimic silver and gold quite well and only a close look reveals the difference. The stones used also imitate gems. Colorful rhinestones, glass and acrylic ape diamonds, emeralds and other precious stones. In the hands of a good jewelry designer, the combination can be stunning, much more so than fine jewelry.

Unlike fine jewelry which isn’t typical everyday wear, costume jewelry can be worn for work, to formal events, at home...literally any place. If it’s stolen, you don’t really feel the pinch. It can easily be replaced too.

Costume jewelry makes great gift choices. It doesn’t put a hole in the wallet but is attractive enough that it’s sure to be appreciated. If there’s a birthday coming up or you want to expand your jewelry collection, add a few pieces of costume jewelry.


Costume jewelry  is economical, and it closely mimics fine jewelry in appearance. Visit this website to know how costume jewelry can compliment your attire.