Sunglasses have become a fashion accessory that is making waves even on high fashion catwalks. Many major fashion houses have included the accessories as part of their collections as a way to cater for the growing demand. If you are looking for shades, you can choose any style or design to suit your taste and budget. Sunglasses are not just fashion accessories, they are also important as a way to protect the eyes from the damaging effects of the sun. When shopping for non-prescription sunglasses, it is important to find out the perfect pair for you.

1.    The shape of your face

One of the best tips when selecting sunglasses is to consider the shape of your face. Finding a pair of glasses that will enhance your face shape will ensure that you look good. A great looking pair of glasses might not look so great on you if it does not suit your face shape. Knowing the shape of your face is simple enough and if you are not sure you can ask the eyewear specialist to help you. People with oval shaped faces are the luckiest because they can wear virtually any design of sunglasses.

2.    The UV protection factor

Make sure that you choose shades that block at least 99% of UV rays. This is an important feature that you should never overlook when buying sunglasses. You need to ensure that you get the desired protection and remember that prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause eye disease. Different manufacturers have different claims about their glasses absorption factor with some claiming up to 100 % UV absorption, but these claims are unsubstantiated.

3.    Think about the context

It is important to consider how and where you intend to wear the glasses. Are they simply beachwear, or do you want a pair that you can wear to a formal outdoor event? Fortunately, there are designs to cater for any context and you can find frames that are perfect with a suit and others that you can wear with shorts and a T-shirt. If you want glasses that you can wear when running or participating in sports, choose wrap styles. Classic square shapes are perfect for the formal look.

4.    Consider the price factor

You have to think about the price factor when shopping for shades. If you want a designer pair, you should be prepared to dig deeper into your pockets. If you are tempted to buy cheap sunglasses, remember that quality matters a lot and you may end up with a pair that falls apart within a few days. A quality frame is very important when choosing sunglasses and you can benefit from a good fit, polarized lenses and comfortable silicon nose pads. Do not rely on price alone when buying sunglasses.

Your skin and hair tone is just as important as your face shape when buying sunglasses. To get the fashionable look, make sure that you get shades that will suit you and avoid designs that will make you look too severe. Remember that trying to be too trendy can work against you if the glasses look odd on you. Check the optical quality to make sure that you get all the benefits.