Scarves, despite being simple, are fashionable and versatile accessories that you should include in your closet. This piece of dainty fabric can be manipulated in many different ways and can also be worn in other parts of the body aside from emphasizing on your neck of course. Its versatility allows you to change the look of your outfit for the day. If you wonder what type of scarves you should buy, better read on.

Go for scarves with versatile colors

Buying scarves would always mean putting your wardrobe into consideration. However, you can certainly forget looking back to your wardrobe and seeing the different colors you have in your closet just to be able to make a purchase. What you need to do is to invest in scarves with versatile colors – those with the touch of brown and white, brown and cream or black are great additions to your scarves collection. You can also go for all other neutral colors. Going for these colors will lessen the need for you to mix and match as you get dressed.

Go for those that reflect your personal style

If you want to elevate the purchase into a higher level, then you can always go for your personal style. Now is the time for you to somehow make the mix and match. You can go for scarves with funky prints to match your outfit. This will emphasize more on your outfit's color. Colors may range from mustard yellow, lime green and purple to lemon yellow, gold, olive green, blue or silver.

Aside from colors to pump your personal style, you can also go for scarves with different textures and prints like plaid, ethnic prints, polka dots, lace, skull, crochet and stripes. It would also be good to consider the fabric. Scarves can be made from silk, cotton, gauzy cotton, pashmina, wool or chiffon.

Mixing and matching should not be too overwhelming

Going for scarves with versatile colors will somehow ease your mind when it comes to mixing and matching your wardrobe with the scarf you choose. However, putting emphasis on personal style will make you experiment. The rule of thumb when it comes to mixing and matching is to make sure that the combination does not get too overwhelming. Meaning to say, if you want to look chic with the printed scarf, you should make sure that your outfit is not too colorful. In this way, emphasis will be given on the scarf rather than your outfit. Keep your clothes simple and your scarf will surely be a standout.

If you want to look trendier with your scarf investment, you can go for one that matches your accessories. You can always look for scarves that go well with your earrings or bangles. It would also be wise to choose pieces that complement well with the color palettes in your make-up. This will help you avoid any chances of looking like a walking Christmas tree.

Buying scarves can be exciting but remember not to make the purchase too overwhelming. Always go for a personal style but take into account to go for what will make you look more fashionable. For more ideas on fashionable scarves, you can browse through our products.