To women, jewelry is naturally a part of their outfits on most occasions. However, despite their love for such precious ornaments, some of them do not fully understand what goes with what. This is an important topic because it may be the difference between looking good and just being a fashion disaster. Jewelry is a form of expression and to others, it is a sense of personality. In both cases, it is evident to say that the way in which you match your jewelry with your clothes tells tones about you.

Always let jewelry complement your clothes, not vice versa

Jewelry is meant to complement clothes and clothes are meant to highlight jewelry. Forget this rule and you will always go wrong. When picking jewelry to match an outfit, make sure the jewelry complements the outfit and not the other way round. For instance if the clothes complement the jewelry, it seems as if you have overdone yourself on the jewelry because it occupies a smaller part of your body as opposed to the outfit. People will tend to miss out on the outfit which may be a show-stopper because the jewelry will be catching all the attention.

The art of matching jewelry takes some time especially if you’re the kind of person who tries out different types of jewelry. Most women dream of having a jewelry collection all at once but it is advisable to build upon the collection together with clothing. This will enable a person to buy matching clothes and jewelry concurrently instead of buying a tone of jewelry pieces and yet very few of the clothes you own match.

Matching jewelry and clothes can be classified into two categories

  • Classy dressing

 This includes when you are going out for a formal dinner or a red carpet event. In such a case you will want to bring out the little black dress. The dress can be complemented by a pearl necklace or a gold chain. However, some people like to bring out a touch of glamour and sexy look by applying stone trinkets with the gold chain.

As for matching them up, the color of the dress and the precious stones should not match. Remember this is a game of highlighting and complementing. Switch out your jewelry to see which one is best highlighted by the dress. For example, diamonds go very well with black. You can also apply contrasting colors such as red and blue rubies and sapphires respectively to go with a white dress. For a blue dress, a touch of orange will do the trick.

  • Casual dressing

 For casual wear such as jeans and t-shirts and many other varieties of casual wear, it is advisable to keep away the fancy jewelry and go with your casual jewelry. If you use precious diamonds for instance, the look will be over the top for the occasion because it’s not something that usually goes in the kind of setting you attend in casual clothes. It is best to go with wooden or plastic bangles, disc earrings or plain stud earrings. Give your outfit a hip look by playing around with colors. The great thing about matching casual clothes and jewelry is that it has no guidelines and is totally up to your creativity!