Tips To Help You Pick Jewelry

When shopping for jewelry, our first instinct is to buy whatever catches our fancy. This can be an expensive mistake. Here’s how you can avoid the temptation while enjoying a nice haul of attractive jewelry.

Match jewelry to your skin tone

Yes, skin tone matters, more than you’d imagine. If you’re fair, you have a ‘cool’ skin tone which would look beautiful with plenty of color. Think vibrant hues like purple, red and pink. You can choose silver jewelry with a magnificent purple stone or a gold toned item with pale green accents. Try to stick with colorful jewelry even when wearing items plated in black. They’ll add warmth to your skin and texture to your outfit.

Warm skin tones – olive, dusky etc. – look best in earthy colors such as orange, brown and turquoise. Of course, more vibrant colors can be worn but they don’t complement the skin tone as well. If you simply must wear colorful jewelry, balance it with sober clothing.

Match colors to colors

Certain colors complement each other. Check out a color wheel to find the right balance. A few popular choices are red and green, violet and yellow, orange and blue, and red violet and yellow green. There’s no hard and fast rule that says you must only wear complementary colors but the results usually look great and prevent you from making fashion blunders.

Match jewelry to face shape

Face shape should dictate what earrings and necklaces to wear. The ideal shape i.e. the oval shape can pull off most designs and styles. If you’re one of the lucky ones, don’t hold back; pick and choose any jewelry to flatter your envious shape!

If you have a heart shape face – a broad forehead and a narrow chin – consider wearing cluster earrings and short necklaces like chokers to add bulk to the narrow area. Square shape faces, which have the upper and lower areas equally balanced, suit small earrings and long necklaces. If short necklaces are worn, pair it with a low neckline. Meanwhile, round face shapes need longer jewelry to lengthen the face. This means long necklaces and earrings preferably with side swept bangs.

Avoid too small or too large jewelry

Some people can pull off very chunky bracelets and rings. In fact, most who follow trends tend to wear jewelry of odd sizes. However, unless you actually know how to mix and match, avoid wearing bracelets that are too large for small wrists or tiny rings that are eclipsed by large fingers. The result can look odd and will either go unnoticed or stand out a little too much.

When to wear what with what

Buy jewelry depending on your wardrobe. If you wear a lot of plunging necklines, you’ll need necklaces to drape over the décolletage. If you prefer modest outfits that don’t show a lot of skin, earrings are the top accessory choice. Bangles and bracelets complement bare wrists and long sleeve uppers.

For men, stick with jewelry that isn’t so flashy. Earthy colors of brown, black, beige and orange, and sleek lines and simple beads are perfect. Avoid over-accessorizing when wearing a simple or dull outfit. Instead, add color to the shirt, jacket or wear a scarf.


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