There is a wide array of cheap wholesale jewelry pieces out there in the market that can be opted for by those looking for something to enhance their fashion sense. These cheap but fashionable jewelry pieces can be used to add to ones personal collection, for resale purposes, for gifts and so forth. The common kinds of wholesale jewelry pieces include gold, silver and platinum jewelry, cheap costume and designer jewelry. These pieces might feature semiprecious stones such as diamonds, gemstones, gold, fine silver and pearls. All in all, wholesale jewelry pieces sold in the market include bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants and watches.

• Cheap custom jewelry

The cheapest of wholesale jewelry pieces are made from materials such as low-grade metal, shells, plastic and glass. These can be custom or standard made. Whichever the case, they are normally inexpensive and come in lots of ten pieces or more. Whilst this sort of jewelry is popular among the teens and youngsters, some seasoned collectors also seek them out for casual wear. They all come in huge assortment of styles, sizes and colors to suit different collecting tastes. And because they are both cheap and easy to replace, they are quite popular and have a huge market out there.

• Designer jewelry

This type of jewelry is slightly better-made compared to cheap costume jewelry. The pieces are made to look like expensive jewelry and are sometimes referred to as “knock off” jewelry. The jewelry pieces become more expensive if a designer label is attached to them. Designer jewelry pieces can be purchased at wholesale prices and then later resold for much more to customers. Pieces sold wholesale are commonly used for gift giving and are often sold in boutiques or retail shops that cater for shoppers searching for designer deals.

• Wholesale jewelry pieces

Jewelry pieces made of pearls, sterling silver, semi-precious stones can also be sold at wholesale prices. Though better looking than the ones discussed above, the pieces still need to be well cared for if they are to last for more than a few years. Note however that these sorts of jewelry pieces are slightly poor in grade than fine jewelry found in most fine jewelry stores. However, they are a good collection for the day to day wear, particularly if properly cared for. Buying these sorts of jewelry can result in substantial savings for people operating under a tight budget but still want to have a fine jewelry piece for a special occasion.

• Fine gemstone, platinum and diamond jewelry

The cheap varieties of these quite expensive jewelry pieces are usually found at fine jewelry auctions and are purchased in lots of several matching sets. They hold their value the longest, meaning that they are a good investment for a private collector and resellers who want to maximize their profits. Slightly damaged fine jewelry pieces can be purchased for much lower prices than their retail values, meaning that they are also good as collecting items for both private jewelry collectors and resellers. Note that metals such as platinum, silver and gold can be re-forged into new and better pieces and then sold for significantly higher amounts on the open market.